Balderson Law is a North Texas law firm with an eclectic founder and diverse practice areas. This firm’s mission is to be as creative and flexible in representing its clients as it is in striking entrepreneurial business arrangements with them. If you are seeking a traditional relationship with a traditional law firm, we have several good referrals. For the rest of you, Balderson Law PLLC wants to be your law firm. We provide clients with objective, candid, and practical advice, along with zealous but ethical and courteous advocacy. This firm prides itself on good sportsmanship. It does not engage in mean-spirited or obnoxious litigation, and it will not compromise its integrity or honesty. We represent an eclectic mix of small- and medium-sized businesses — and a few large businesses no longer interested solely in a traditional law-firm relationship — musicians, and individuals who want an entrepreneurial relationship with a law firm.

Our Areas of Practice Include

  • Mediation
  • Business Law
  • Music Law

  • Outside General Counsel for
    small- and medium-sized

  • Antitrust Compliance
  • Litigation

Contact us, and let’s see if Balderson Law is a good fit.

clients say

You are the first attorney I’ve ever used that I actually like. Balderson Law Client quote.