balderson_portraitBWJack Balderson, Jr. has been practicing business law for 18 years. As a former partner in one of the largest Texas-based law firms, he has had the privilege to assist clients in sophisticated antitrust and other business matters. He is honored to have been recognized by his peers in the fields of antitrust litigation, business litigation, and general litigation.

His approach to the practice of law is simple: shoot straight, avoid sharp practices, cooperate with opposing counsel, take people at their word, and dissuade people — including clients — from taking unreasonable positions. Jack takes pride in his work, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously (and he thankfully has wonderful family and friends that put and keep him in his place). He considers himself to be a musician, although his undergraduate music professors might beg to differ. He prefers jeans over suits. He enjoys the company of his wife and daughter, his friends and fellow musicians, his clients, and even some lawyers (roughly in that order).


Thanks for your leadership. You did a great job helping us feel at ease.
– Balderson Law Client