Balderson Law PLLC offers legal services in multiple practice areas, including litigation, business law, antitrust law, mediation, and music law. In many cases, we offer alternative business arrangements. For some matters, a traditional billable-hour arrangement works. But as a business philosophy, this firm is of the view that most matters lend themselves to alternative business arrangements that do a better job of aligning a client’s interests with a lawyer’s interests, including:

  • Entrepreneurial business arrangements;
  • Fixed-fee agreements, especially for outside-general-counsel clients;
  • Contingency-fee agreements (a part of a client’s recovery) in litigation;
  • Hybrid arrangements (a modest hourly rate and a modest contingency);
  • A reverse-contingency arrangement (a part of the difference between the amount of a client’s exposure and the amount paid, if any, through settlement or judgment); and
  • Whatever other arrangement squares with ethical rules and makes sense for the client and the firm.


(The parties’ financial responsibilities for litigation costs, and the manner in which a contingency is calculated, will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.)