An ounce of legal prevention is worth a pound of cure. Cliché as the day is long? No doubt. But it’s quite true, especially at the beginning of your business’s life cycle. Handshake agreements regarding ownership of and loans to the business are great when times are good, but memories of the terms of those handshake agreements tend to differ when conflict arises. Businesses can begin focusing on their business sooner — and many internal and external business disputes can be avoided — with the assistance of counsel during the formation and early stages of the business. Balderson Law PLLC can assist you in:

  • Determining what type of business entity best suits your business needs, as well as preparing and filing the necessary papers with the Secretary of State;
  • Securing your fictitious and d/b/a name rights;
  • Preparing bylaws, regulations, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, joint-venture agreements, loan agreements, and related agreements;
  • Serving as the registered agent for your business;
  • Assisting your business in complying with various corporate-governance matters;
  • Reviewing your insurance coverage and needs;
  • Assisting you in complying with federal and state law (workers compensation, labor-and-employment law, etc.); and
  • Assisting you with various other matters that arise in the normal course of your business.