Most small- and medium-sized businesses are one lawsuit away from financial hardship. But too often, businesses do without counsel until they get sued because of the cost. And by the time a lawsuit has been filed, a dispute has often become too contentious to be resolved quickly and cost-effectively. Experienced, business-minded legal counsel can help their clients attempt to resolve disputes before they become expensive litigation matters. In addition to business disputes, modest businesses need good counsel for routine matters. But mundane matters tend to get ignored because of the cost.

If you are a small or medium-sized Texas-based business, Balderson Law PLLC wants to be your outside general counsel. For a reasonable flat rate — likely less than the cost of an employee — you will have an experienced business lawyer:

  • Answering unlimited e-mails and phone calls and encouraging frequent communication with legal counsel;
  • Meeting periodically with you at your office and learning your business, its employees, and its culture;
  • Assisting you in forming healthy business relationships and in negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts and forms (invoices, purchase orders, etc);
  • Assisting you during the early pre-litigation stages of business disputes;
  • Reviewing your insurance coverage and needs;
  • Assisting you in complying with federal and state law (workers compensation, labor-and-employment law, etc.); and
  • Assisting you with various other matters that arise in the normal course of your business.